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Flynn's wwweb development services offers a wide variety of solutions based on your needs. To begin, we provide detailed quotes/proposals for your project. We are able to work small projects on an hourly basis or develop package deals for the more involved projects. We also provide turn-key solutions for your web presence needs.
Our services include (but are not limited to): layout, design and actual HTML markup; CGI/JavaScript programming; graphics design and development; editing, proofreading, content development; domain name resgistration and virtual domain hosting.

Can a website be of benefit to your business or non-profit organization? We believe it can! Take a look at some of the concerns that can be addressed:

Business Advantages
  • market penetration - the potential viewers online is 75 million persons! What would it cost you to reach these people through traditional advertising methods? Compare that high cost to a fully interactive online presence - what a tremendous savings!
  • 24 hour availability - your organization is always open and ready for business.
  • virtual stores - direct sales businesses can benefit from low overhead virtual stores.
  • easy communications - with customers and suppliers.

Businesses that are benefiting from having a web presence:

Non-Profit Organization Advantages
  • reduction in overhead - reduce your mailing costs to your membership!
  • increased public awareness - information about your organization can easily be found and links can be established to other chapters around the world.
  • member services - member forums, discussion groups and calendars of events can be of use to your members.